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How can you help special needs students develop physical skills?

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How can you help special needs students develop physical skills?

School: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 19, Shah Alam, Selangor

Project: The Young Nation Builders' Psychomotor Park

Project Purpose: To construct a park which will help to develop the gross motor skills of special needs students in SMK Seksyen 19.

Target students: 124 special needs students in the Special Education Integrated Program, also known as Program Pendidikan Khas Integrasi (PPKI) of SMK Seksyen 19. The school continues to take in these students.

Age Range: 13 to 19 years old

Amount of fund needed: RM 8,500.00

What is the problem?

The PPKI in SMK Seksyen 19 began in 1995. The program currently nurtures 124 students with special needs in academic and skills development. These students have different conditions such as Slow Learner, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, mild mental retardation, wheelchair-bound etc. Apart from having difficulties in gaining academic knowledge, many of these students also face challenges in their physical development, such as fine motor and gross motor skills. They have difficulties controlling and coordinating body movements normally to carry out daily tasks.

(Gross motor skills: Movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs and torso. Require postural control, strength and balance to perform everyday functions such as walking, running and sporting).

PPKI equips them with different life skills such as handcrafting, baking, cooking, sewing and gardening, in order for them to be self-sustainable. However, these students lack proper area and facilities to develop their gross motor skills and strengthen their limb muscles.

How can we solve this?

Four Form 2 students joined the Young Nation Builders Challenge (YNBC), which is a social innovation competition organised by Mah Sing Foundation to empower students to solve their local community's most pressing issues. The goal is to reinvent space to improve the lives of the community.

These Form 2 students formed a group known as The Youngest under the guidance of Cikgu Candice. They identified the problem these special needs students suffer (ie: lack of development of their gross motor skills). To address this, they found a potential space in school to construct a psychomotor park for the special needs students.

Project site. Previously, this area was not fenced and it was an empty space with no practical use.

(See bottom of the page for pictures and progress update)

Impact of this project:

1. Provide the students of PPKI opportunity and facilities to develop gross motor skills through kinesthetic and outdoor learning, in line with the nation’s Special Education Philosophy.

2. Provide students with an opportunity to innovate and reinvent spaces within their own community to enhance lives.

3. Allow students to contribute to the school through project planning, design thinking, engaging stakeholders, teamwork and many other skills.

4. Encourages collaboration between mainstream and PPKI students.

How can you contribute?

The total project cost is approximately RM8,500.00 which includes purchasing equipment, rubber flooring, information board, and materials for sensory path. We aim to install at least 3 equipment and build one sensory path in the Psychomotor Park. These equipment are suitable in developing upper and lower body coordination as well as muscle strength training.

Proposed equipment:

*Parellel bar

*Skywalker and Elliptical cross.

Your kind contribution will certainly help us secure the facilities to support the special needs students in strengthening their gross motor skills and provide them an opportunity to live a healthier life. Your generosity is deeply appreciated. (Funds will be directly transferred to the school's PIBG account.)

*Note: Service fee is optional.

"They may not walk, talk, and think like us; but that does not mean they deserve any less than human kindness."

*Pictures for illustration purposes only.

Progress update and pictures:

Students and teachers of both mainstream and PPKI working closely to build the sensory path. It is estimated to complete in 2 weeks and we will proceed to decorate and add other elements to the park.

The PPKI currently nurtures 124 special needs students ranging from 13 to 19 years old. Aside from academic knowledge, they are being taught life skills such as handcrafting, baking, cooking, sewing and gardening,


out of RM8,500 raised
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