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Shawn Stanly
User since October 2020
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I am a graduate from University Malaysia Sabah with a major in International Relations. I have always seen myself as a person who not only speaks of change but someone who actually does it. Since my high school years, I have taken up several leadership roles and lead initiatives which have impacted my school and also the community at large. This brought me to be awarded a full scholarship as an Ambassador to the Anthony Robbins Foundation Global Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego, California in 2013.

For the past three years, I have been actively involved in education. An experience which brought me to do more in this area started when I was tutoring kids from high need communities back in 2017. Since then, I hold steadfast to the conviction of every child deserves an education and no child should be left behind. My involvement with Teach For Malaysia and Leadspire Academy gave me the opportunity to reach out to many different communities across Malaysia. I have conducted several high impact programs with schools pertaining to leadership and language skills.

Currently in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, apart from being an undergrad, I am a volunteer teacher at a Madrasa, a school catered for the stateless and undocumented in the region. Together with my peers, we are finding interactive solutions to help build this community of 'invisible children' to allow them to have access to better living by equipping them with skills and values and giving them the opportunity to learn in the classroom just like other children.

Having to have worked with different communities both within and outside of Malaysia, I learned that everyone can bring a change. It is you who decide when and how and the rest just happens. Take the first steps, learn from the mistakes, move along with a positive mind and be the change that you speak of.