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Team Assunta
User since March 2016
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Team Assunta is a group of members from the SK Assunta 1 & 2 Board of Managers, PIBG and the Assunta Alumni with more than 6,600 members at the Assunta Spirit Alive FB Group - JOIN US!

The Assunta Alumni is represented by Pat Lu (Class of 1978) and Peggy Liu (Class of 1976), both whom were Assunta girls and once President of the Assunta Alumni. Pat and Peggy are active fundraisers for Assunta as they believe it is now their responsibility to make the school better for their future generation after all they've received from their parents, teachers and society in their growing years.

"We salute every parent, teacher and headmistress who planted seeds of knowledge and especially values, tended to the ground and ensured that their children's growth would lead to great things and blessings for all on this earth," said Pat and Peggy.