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Cikgu Ellen
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I am currently teaching in a semi-rural school in Miri (well, technically we are 55 kilometers away from Miri). I have been teaching in this school since January 2015. Last year, I taught Additional Mathematics, Mathematics and MUET to Form 4 and Form 6 students. This year, I am teaching Mathematics and English to Form 1 students. I’m still adjusting to a lower age group but it has been enjoyable nonetheless. Mathematics and English are subjects that I really loved as a student and I always thought that if I became a teacher, those are the two subjects that I would like to teach. My wish came true when the school assigned me to teach those subjects but I soon found out that the students here may not share the same passion I had for these subjects when I was a student (English, Mathematics and Science are branded as “critical subjects” in my school because students are very weak in these subjects). While I may not know for certain what will ignite their love for those subjects but with love and patience, I do my best to help my students gain confidence and love the subjects I teach.