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Cikgu Zainab
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Many people asked me "why did you choose to teach?" I asked myself the same question too when I first applied for Teach for Malaysia. My answer was simple; I want to give back to the society in any way that I can, and Teach for Malaysia provides me that platform. However joining this, it made me realized that teaching has been a passion for me. I want to inspire, educate and be the best teacher that my students could possibly have. As some of my students don't have the role models that they could look up to at home.

I have three visions for my students. And my visions are for my students to be fighters, thinkers and givers. Fighters -- when they won't give up if the going gets tough. Will rise through the hurdles and stand on their own foot again, ready to fight the next battle. Thinkers -- when they will have the ability to actively thinking outside of box when facing problems. Givers -- when they are able to give from what they are capable of; nothing more and nothing less.

My students have a lot of potentials to be unleashed and with the right support and guidance, I believe they will reach to their fullest potentials.