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Majlis Teater Selangor (MTS), Malaysia
User since June 2019
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Majlis Teater Negeri Selangor (MTS), Malaysia is a confederation of Non-Government Organization (NGO) established by 1st January 1989 of which has been standing strong for more than 30 years in Malaysia. The objective of its foundation is to synchronize the arts and cultural activities in Malaysia especially in the state of Selangor itself. Majlis Teater Selangor or MTS is open to all NGO’s theaters and arts, Cultural Organizations, Private and Public Universities as well as individuals who are actively involved in uplifting the Malay arts, cultures and civilization globally. The confederation of MTS is formed by 9 allied members that comprise SUARA ALAM, TITIS, UNTEATER, KEMUDI, BATEK (SELANGOR), LANTERA, SERI KENCHANA, PANJI RIA and BINTANG TIMUR, whilst the overall members of this confederation totaling 50 people. The followings are the art activities that will be run and accomplished by 2019.