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Cikgu Huong
User since March 2018
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I have 14 years teaching experience, during which I have been teaching science and physics from my very first year. Currently, I serve in SMK Lutong as the Head of the Department of Physics. I am also in charge of the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) club.

In my many years of teaching, I can confidently say that technology has been one of the most essential requirements that I have had as my helper in my teaching. Ever since I entered SMK Lutong (2009), I had noticed that LCD projectors and computers had been lacking and so most teachers are forced to fill in the gap using their own pocket money.

In the STEM club, I often let students lead the meetings while I steer the direction of the club. In an effort to increase students interest in physics and engineering, I proposed, designed and organized a robotic competition, the Arduino Project competition and Youth Enterprise Project. Both these projects would benefit from having LCD projectors.

Academically, LCD projectors are also needed in teaching. Teacher who have shown a passion for science subjects, often have to research difficult concepts and scrutinize them. Very often teachers would share his or her discoveries with students and the other teachers. Students would be amazed and surprised at the depth of the newly discovered knowledge and the passion to learn more about it.

Student with an analytical and curious mind, with an aptitude for mathematics and science, as well as a strong desire to understand how things work can be further encouraged via LCD projector presentations. For instance, when we had just touched the topic of food awareness in class, I prepared and presented to my students a report on global food issues.