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Cikgu Kang
User since August 2017
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Throughout 6 years of experience, I've noticed the love of pupils to experiment and make things with natural resources around them. They certainly are resourceful people, as they make do with what they have. Introducing technology to them was another exciting prospect. They just love anything to do with technology and computers. I am currently in the research to inspire students and the local community to look at the mirror when seeking change. I've started a Maker Lab in the school computer room and in the process of Illing it with materials and tools for pupils to be free in experimenting and making their own projects. I am also at the learning, researching and implementation stage of a Problem/Project Based Learning classroom. The vision is to create an environment of thinking and innovation that encourages pupils to develop projects which can bring about changes to their lives in the village. They would then be able to work with the local community and relevant parties to inspire change through their innovation and ideas.

Teaching inspires my students to make changes to their lives, to be better human beings and to serve their local community. I love the experience of sharing my vision to the students and seeing changes they experience. I love building upon students' interest and just having fun with them.