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Cikgu Chiew Teng
User since June 2017
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I joined Teach For Malaysia as one of their 2017 fellows. I believe education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. I believe education is also the most effective weapon to help change one’s life for the better, especially for the ones who come from a lower socioeconomic background. I was blessed with many dedicated and respectful teachers who have helped to shape me into who I am today. My father has always told me to give back to society whenever I am able to. I was blessed to be given a scholarship to further my studies and I would never forget the day when he told me to help the next person next time if I could.

“People are not obliged to sponsor you. You are blessed. Make sure you pass it on.” He is a taxi driver but he has shown me what kindness and selflessness is. From him, I learnt that though we don’t have much to give, there must be something we could give to those who are more in need than us. I believe there is nothing better than giving them the education they deserve. Kids need us to believe in them. I truly believe everyone is a genius. However, our education system tells our kids otherwise. I want to tell my kids how big the world is and how they should not limit themselves. I want them to understand that there are limitless opportunities out there and I wish them to discover their potentials.