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SMK La Salle PJ is one in a worldwide network of Lasallian school communities which were founded by Saint John Baptist De La Salle whose guiding principle in life was to serve the 3L’s- the Last, the Least and the Lost. He believed that through education, every Lasallian regardless of background could grow into person of character with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a difference in this world. Truly, the noble vision of St La Salle is reflected in the indomitable spirit of the pioneering La Salle brothers who left their homes, families and countries to serve God by bringing the light of education to needy young people all over the world.

Today, we are grateful to that legacy of service that continues to define a Lasallian. SMK La Salle PJ was established in 1959 and the school, now in its 58th year, has endured significant wear and tear over the years but the Lasallian character of the school has been sustained throughout, thanks to the efforts of the Brothers, the many school administrators, teachers and students who have passed through its doors.

As a Lasallian mission school, one of its core aims is to fulfil the educational needs of every Malaysian youth regardless of ethnicity, religion or socio-economic status. Indeed, many of our students come from the most vulnerable sections of society and the urban poor. In a government-aided school like ours, many expenses like for building and maintenance projects, sponsorship of needy students and additional workers’ salaries have to be financed by the school. In spite of the obstacles in providing the best of facilities for the students, the school has achieved numerous successes over its long history, both in academics and in co-curriculum. In true Lasallian spirit, the school has soldiered on, organising a variety of programmes and projects to serve the needs of its students. In doing so, it has had to rely on the generous support of the local community, corporate bodies, parents and alumni.