Funds required: RM2,500

No. of students impacted: 12

Name of school: SMJK Yoke Kuan, Sekinchan

State: Selangor


That strange looking contraption above is a Banana Keyboard.

And guess what?

It was made by my students.

I started Transformasi 21, an initiative to create a 21st Century Learning environment in SMJK(C) Yoke Kuan, one class at a time. 21st Century Learning differs from traditional instructional method in which it is student-centred, collaborative, skill-based, practical and can happen not just within the four walls of the classroom. 21st Century learning promotes collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity (4C).

Transformasi 21 is not just about creating a 21st century learning environment, but it is also to provide students with meaningful learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. I have been running STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology) workshops as an after-school activity since March with the hope of reigniting students’ love of learning by making things. I want students to realise that learning is not just about passing exams and attending tuitions but it is part of life itself. It is a life-long process and it can take place anywhere, anytime.

Growing up in a small town, a lot of my students lack self-belief. They do not see themselves achieving great things. STEM provides students a platform to explore their potential. My students are currently working on four projects for the Young Innovate competition with the preliminary round being held end of October at the Kuala Lumpur Science and Engineering Fair and they need your financial support in order to do so!

Help me bring my students to Kuala Lumpur to compete at the Young Innovate Competition!

Let's provide them with the opportunity to show everyone what small town students from Sekinchan can do!