Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM75 000

No. of students impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 1650

Name of school / Name sekolah: SMK Assunta

State / Negeri: Selangor

As we are all aware, education today is different from the old days. The exposure to current technology (computers and a variety of gadgets) has caused the generation of students today to be easily distracted, unfocused, inattentive and restless. Ironically, technology which is supposed to improve our society has caused obstacles to educators to carry out their teaching practices. Technologies have rendered the old method of teaching such as blackboard and whiteboard obsolete as our students are influenced by technology for the need of constant stimulation and instant gratification. In that case, how can teachers today possibly compete with Facebook , Netflix, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat?

The teachers here at SMK Assunta realized that there is a need to equip ourselves with modern teaching aids to ensure that the best teaching methods are used to engage our students.

Hence, equipping the classrooms with LCD projectors is deemed to be the best way to grab the attention of students. We understand that it is critical to accept and embrace various new teaching technologies in order to stay in line with the new breed of students and the ever changing landscapes of technology and education.

LCD projectors are beneficial in many ways. It helps to create a more interactive and engaging environment for the students. Being able to put various teaching materials (videos, colorful mind maps, slide shows etc ) on a screen during teaching lessons can effectively capture the attention of every student besides allowing visual-aided teaching. We also do not have to worry about students not being able to see our handwriting or materials displayed on the whiteboard. The LCD projectors also encourage collaborative teaching and learning among students and teachers. My students told me that being able to work on a presentation using PowerPoint and other various tools made it easier for them as division of work can be done in a more organized manner and they could also put in more materials and information into their work.

"It is so fun to learn using the projectors. It feels like learning in a whole different world and it really helps us to be more involved", said one of our students.

With just the click of a button, students can venture out of the classroom and explore a wider array of knowledge.

At the moment, we have 5 labs (computer and science lab) that are equipped with projectors and 2 portable projectors. The current projectors that we have are not able to accommodate the need of all our students and teachers. In addition to that, it is an extreme hassle for teachers to bring around the portable projector to classes and to install the projector. This wastes a lot of time and not to mention, the teachers have to carry the projector up a few flight of stairs as our school buildings are usually a few storeys high.

Therefore, my school and I are hoping to reach out to the general public to help us achieve our vision and dream. It only costs RM2,500 to provide each classroom with a projector. Please help us to become better teachers so that we can produce well-rounded students and mould the next generation!

Important Note:
Cheques should be made out to EDSPACE PROJECTS SDN BHD (100% Project's registered company name)
Should you wish to make an offline cash/cheque donation, please get in touch with the following teachers -

1. Pn. Kong Yuan (012 721 3386)
2. Pn. Leong Chih Jean (014 931 4583)

Yours sincerely,
Cikgu Martita


*It only costs RM2,500 to equip one classrooom with a projector