SK Tun Hussein Onn needs funds to furnish the media room with flip chairs. We have been using recycled tables and benches for years. It is not really conducive for our students and teachers who often use the room for school activities.

I am Miss Amirah, the teacher in charge of the Media Room of SK Tun Hussein Onn, Kuala Lumpur. I have been taking care of this room since 2017. Along my journey to keep this room alive, this school have been facing a financial constraint in providing a conducive environment for the students as well as teachers to use this room.

In 2017, we had used recycled tables, taken from the canteen. We had cut the legs and renovate them, and also wrapped them nicely to become nice and new-looked Japanese tables.

However, due to big number of students (almost 1000 – the whole school) who often use the room alternately among classes based on the schedule, the tables were getting broken and damaged day by day. Plus, due to termite’s problem, we had to remove all the tables.

After that from 2018 until now, we have been using old recycled benches given from one of the colleges around here, since they have got new furniture.

The problem is, the benches are way too heavy. It is hard for the small kids to rearrange it after usage. They tend to push and pull which have caused the floor mat torn terribly. In addition, it is dangerous for them as it might cause any injuries on their feet, if the benches are wrongly removed.

Frankly speaking, the benches are not suitable for the small kids to use during the teaching and learning session since it has no table for them to use (specifically during writing process). Most of my students come from modest and also B40 backgrounds. So, it is quite hard for our school to raise fund from the parents through Parents-Teacher Association (PTA).

As it stands, the media room is used on a schedule-basis. Activities done in that time are teaching and learning session as well as cocurricular activity for clubs and societies. Outside this schedule, it is used frequently by teachers for meeting, ‘taklimat’, in house training, courses and many more.

As the media teacher, I will be leading this project and will be aided by the Library and Media Committee. We are very much committed and will work together for the success of this project. Our goal is very much the same which is to make the media room more comfortable where students can make performances and to ensure that the media room to be utilised fully by teachers and students.


Cikgu Amirah


Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM 2160

No. of flip chairs / Bilangan kerusi flip : 36 unit

Estimated price per unit / Anggaran harga seunit : RM 60

Total / Jumlah : 36 unit x RM60 = RM 2160