The COVID-19 pandemic has affected both the educational systems and sustainability of the school, leading to the near-total closures of school

So the school is appealing to our beloved and supportive friends to save and support the sustainability for the school.

A Brief History of the school

The Somali Community School was found in 2011 with the aim to raise awareness and create solution and find access for the students to get free and affordable education. By only having 14 students at the first but now the school is now proudly educating more than 100 from different nationalities’ ( Somali, Yemen, Sudan, Bangladesh, Paskistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Eritrea and Negeria) from the kindergarden to Secondary classes.(4 years old to 17 years old). There are currently 12 teacher and the school syllabus covers English, Mathematics, Science, Islamic and Arabic

As the Somalis are not granted work permits in Malaysia, the mothers depend on income from relatives abroad. Income which, understandably, is not always received consistently on a monthly basis. And they are unable to pay for the school fees.

We are thus appealing for aid to help sponsor a child’s school fees so as they are able to continue their education.

The money will help sustain the school in covering part of the rental, utility bills, school materials, and teachers’ salaries.