Education 4 All is a Semi-finalist project participating in the Design for Change I CAN Schools Challenge 2020.

We agree that all students have the right to an equal and quality education, including Students with Special Needs. The lack of tools in schools that can support the learning of Special Needs Students, causes their motivation to learn to decrease. For example, wheelchair students have very limited mobility. They can not move to dispose of garbage and even clean their classrooms, because there are no special tools that can facilitate their movement. We also think that these students should be given exposure to real-world learning. Contextual learning such as learning in real situations can also provide opportunities for Students with Special Needs to be ready to face challenges in the future after school.

We have created "Smart Dustbin Goals4" to help students with special needs to learn in school without distinguishing their shortcomings, but also feel their presence in school and also appreciated and can manage themselves well. We have also brought these Special Needs Students to learn how to make their own pizza to experience working in the real world.

For the next project we want to build a car parking lot for students with special needs. The parking lot is built in a strategic area in the main school building. With this parking, it is hoped that it can help and make it easier for students with special needs to come and go from school.


A Disabled Friendly Parking Lot

Car Parking Stall (Single Line) Epoxy Lines Marking Size 2400mmW x 4800mmL from www.Blue-Box.asia= RM888

680 PAINT BRUSH (2 inch) x RM2.80 x 4 = RM11.20

Tiger Brand Paint Thinner-3L(Grade 1 Quality) = RM30.00

Latex Coated Comfort Grip Knit Gloves Painting DIY Construction Plantation Worker Protection [T&W Hardware] RM3.90 x 4 = RM15.60

Total = RM944.80