With the current CMCO imposed and the rising cases in Sabah, many struggle to make ends meet and this includes the Stateless and Marginalized in state. This fundraising will focus on raising funds for the students and the families of The School For The Stateless and Marginalized in Kampung Likas, Kota Kinabalu Sabah where the breakdown of funds will go to :

1) Basic food items

2) Face Masks

3) Sanitary Items

The school community comprises of 625 students and 6 full time teachers and 3 administrators who will manage the distribution of these items. I have been a volunteer teacher with the school for the past year teaching English twice every week. I understood the struggles these children and their families go through due to their status of being stateless/undocumented and some stories shared where these children expressed themselves being neglected by society. The struggle would be real during times like this as some families would loose jobs which were their only source of income and where mobility is restricted and a means of survival is to reach out to those who can lend a hand. I am raising these funds for my kids who I dearly care about and I hope that with the funds raised they can be able to sustain their families with the basic necessities for the coming weeks.


Funds Raised will be used to get :

1) Face Masks

2) Basic Food Supplies

3) Sanitary Materials