Uni Enrol's SPM Masterclass (unienrol.com/spm-masterclass) is an online SPM workshop that was launched to enable students from all over Malaysia to gain access to among the best teachers in the country and give themselves the extra advantage to do well in SPM especially during this time of new normal impacting their studies.

When our country first began the battle against COVID-19, all schools were closed and students were made to stay at home for weeks during the Movement Control Order (MCO). Keeping up with studies was tough as many students did needed direct access to their teachers and tools they would normally get in schools to do better in their academic studies. Now that schools have opened up again, teachers and students all over the country are scurrying to prepare for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exams that will take place in just a few months.

We want to help some students from lower income families attend these online tutorial sessions that are guaranteed to improve a student's attitude toward learning and preparing for these exams. Every student in Malaysia should have access to all the help and tools they need to better prepare themselves for such an important exam.


The teachers who are invited hold titles ranging from Guru Cemerlang and Tokoh Guru, with a combined experience of more than 130 years in their respective field of teaching. There are 8 teachers covering 8 subjects for the Masterclass.

Each class will cover analysis of past year exam trends and forecast, answering techniques based on the exam scheme so students are able to maximize their scores, and lastly discussion on carefully selected topics and practice questions that are deemed popular and important by the teachers.

These are the key information about the event. More info about the teachers are found in the website, www.unienrol.com.

Classes will be held every weekend from 6 – 29 November 2020. Students will have 5 to 6 hours of access to teachers for each subject.

The subjects available are Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Inggeris, Mathematics, Sejarah, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Accounting

What to expect?

Exam trend analysis, answering technique based on exam scheme, important and popular topics and questions discussion

How to attend?

Online on Youtube! Private channel, and each video has a 24 hour replay.

We aim to sponsor up to 500 students through this campaign and will be extending this sponsorship to various schools from various states in both West and East Malaysia. The requirement for students to attend this programme is to have reasonable internet and a laptop.

We are raising funds to be able to send 500 students from the B40 community to attend this programme and improve their preparations for the SPM exams.


The funds will be used to cover the student's access to the Masterclass.

The cost is mainly used to cover the printing of the class materials which will be about 300-400 pages of rich content for 8 subjects, the delivery of the materials to students, compensation of the teachers' efforts and time, bandwidth hosting of the classes and overall marketing and operational needs.