WHY : Improve literacy and numeracy skills among children who live in public low-cost housing (PPR = Program Perumahan Rakyat)

WHO : 20+ children aged 5-12

WHERE : PPR Raya Permai

WHEN : Every Saturday, 10am-1pm

WHAT : Free tutor class and bananas


Last year, we (Manu, Nanda, Sabrina, Vikki and Zhi) met through a volunteering programme for 30-40 children from PPR Raya Permai, which ended in December 2019.

In July 2020, when we reconnected and visited the community, we found out that most children did not receive home education or online learning while schools closed due to Covid-19. We also discovered that many of them were poor in reading and writing (one 11 year-old child struggled to write 'abc' or '123' because she never went to school!).


1. Upon learning this, we (+ a growing group of volunteers) decided to provide free literacy and numeracy lessons on a personal basis to these children whom we know and care for. Most of them come from B40 families (bottom 40% of household income). Growing up, they face various social, health and economic challenges due to their background. Some are even undocumented and cannot attend school.

2. WHY Banana? One day, we heard that some kids come to class without breakfast, and later saw them eating junk food. After tutoring, we sat at a food stall to discuss our concern. Having no budget, we wondered what snack can we supply during class that will be SUSTAINABLE: to the body, to the pocket and to the environment.

At that very moment, AHA! We spotted a bunch of ripe bananas across our table. To test out our idea, we cheekily ate the bananas!! They are not only seriously yummy, but they also fit the criteria: HEALTHY, AFFORDABLE and BIODEGRADABLE.


This campaign will help fund learning materials, classroom expenses, and bananas until December 2020. With enough funds (and bananas), our kids can come to class bright, happy and healthy.

As individuals, we have limited personal capacity to help. Together, we can strive further.

With your kind contributions, children from PPR Raya Permai will continue to learn literacy and numeracy skills, from Pre-School to Primary 6.

We truly hope that one day, they will go far. As far as bananas grow!

(We are also open to receive in-kind donations. Please contact us for more details.)


ItemQuantitySizeCost (RM)Total
Hand sanitisers4500ml25100
Masks7 box50 pcs/box25150
Bananas806 pcs/bunch4320
Hand soap6250ml530
Furnitures3 sets1 table, 4 chairs150450
Work Books408320
Exercise Books40140
Printing 1150150
Utilities4 months25100
Sports equipments1various200200
Cleaning tools and detergents 1100100
First aid22550
Emergency fund (accident, illness, etc)1500500