Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM 3,900

No. of students impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 1100 students

Name of school / Nama Sekolah: SMK Luar Bandar, Miri

State / Negeri: Sarawak


My school is situated 50 kilometres from Miri city centre. The school is right along the main dual carriageway that connects Miri to Bintulu and some might say that the school is placed in the middle of nowhere.

Dotted around us are oil palm plantations, longhouses, villages and not too far away there is a national park.

My school provides boarding for about half the total number of students in the school. The students mostly come from nearby villages or longhouses (though some may come from as far as the next township, Niah). Based on my observation of the students they do not have a love of reading (girls would usually just read Malay romance novels if they do read at all). In fact, many of the boarding students waste away their free time by taking very long afternoon naps or simply by loitering around the school grounds aimlessly. Reminiscing my days at school, I usually visited the library every week to borrow books to read or I would spend my time studying there so I decided to take a look at the school library to understand why it is underutilised.

When I saw the library, it partially explained why students did not have a habit of visiting the library and utilising the facilities. Firstly, there were bird droppings on the floor, the tables, and the chairs. Secondly, the books were not arranged systematically. Lastly, the books were quite dated. The combination of these issues meant that the library was not a very conducive space for students to study in. When we also factor in the fact that there isn’t a public library anywhere nearby, it becomes unsurprising that the students do not have a habit of reading.

Fortunately, an opportunity arose and some students managed to win a competition that would allow our school to be given funds to revamp the library. A lot of work has been carried out so far.

The netting has been fixed so that birds are not able to dirty the library, students helped to sort the books, and painting has already commenced. All this was possible with support from the school, effort from the students, and the prize money that was obtained from the competition.

However, what is lacking now is the funds to provide new chairs for students to use in the library. Without new chairs the library would not feel as comfortable or as spacious as it could be. The old chairs had metal frames with fabric seats and the paint on the metal has peeled of most of the chairs, causing them to rust. Let's not forget the bird droppings that have soiled the fabric seats, making the chairs rather uncomfortable to use.

This project is a very simple one. We would like to raise funds to buy enough chairs for students to use in the library so that we are able to complete the revamping of the library. Our needs are simple, we would just like to buy plastic chairs as they are easy to move around and they can be stacked up to save space whenever needed. Furthermore, plastic chairs are also easier to maintain and clean.

If the project is successful, the library can truly be a place where students would enjoy visiting as their comfort is guaranteed. Please help us equip our library with better chairs!


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