About SMK Puteri Wangsa

We are Salwani and Atiqah, Teach For Malaysia teachers from SMK Puteri Wangsa, Ulu Tiram Johor. We both have different backgrounds but found teaching as one of our passions, which is why we applied for Teach For Malaysia program almost 2 years ago and were placed at the same school afterwards. As teachers, we believe education is very important and we are committed to make sure school is one of the safest places for students to ensure their optimum learning experiences.

Due to the pandemic COVID-19, there is a drop in numbers of students who come to school. This is due to several reasons including student’s and parent’s anxiety towards COVID-19 as some parents cannot afford to provide masks for their children to attend school. As teachers, we find this problem very worrying as students have been missing schools since MCO and most of them do not have access to online learning during that period. Thus, not coming to school after MCO means they will continue missing lessons in school.

SMK Puteri Wangsa is a big school, there are 1,792 number of students, 116 teachers and 11 staffs in the school. We have 2 school sessions which are morning and afternoon session. 80% of the school’s students come from B40 families. After further discussion, we have decided to seek funding through this program to help ease parent’s financial burdens by providing free reusable mask to students with family income that is less than RM2,000. This will impact 403 students in our school. We believe this contribution will reduce parent’s anxiety and more students will come to school comfortably and will feel safe whenever they are in the school.

Even though, COVID-19 cases have been subsiding from 3 digits number of cases to 2 digit number of cases, we still have to be aware and always be conscious of our surrounding and at the same time follow the guidelines given by Ministry of Health to ensure the safety of every student in school.

Here are some pictures from our mural painting activity at the school before MCO began. Students and teachers painted mural on walls around the school to brighten the school’s environment. This is also part of the school’s initiative to reduce students’ absentees and encourage student’s attendance to school. Our school is a second home to our diverse community. We are multiracial and are doing our best to help each other in any situation. Now is time to look out for each other and #kitajagakita. Let’s pray for the pandemic to be over and hoping for a better future for our future generation.

About The BIG GIVE 2020

Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, all schools in Malaysia were abruptly closed and students have been made to learn from home since Malaysia imposed the MCO on 18 March 2020.

Months have passed and students and teachers have been struggling with effectively learning from home. Therefore, the Ministry of Education began allowing students and school staff to return to school in June. However, our battle against COVID-19 is not yet over until we find a vaccine.

As cases are on the rise again, face masks have been made compulsory effective 1st August and we want to ensure that our nation’s children are protected. 100% Project has launched a Nationwide fundraising campaign called The Big Give and we are partnering with Mangosteen to provide our students, teachers and school administrators with FREE reusable cloth face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

Mangosteen is a social enterprise that is working with a community of mothers from vulnerable communities (B40, Orang Asli, etc) to make reusable cloth face masks.

Overall, there are nearly 5 million students enrolled in MOE primary and secondary schools in Malaysia- click on this link to view stats - Quick facts 2019_Malaysia Educational Statistics

The Big Give’s ambitious goal is to raise funds to provide at least 1 million reusable face masks to schools across Malaysia, protecting all our students and school staff.

With only RM10, you will be sponsoring a reusable face mask to a school AND providing a mother with the means to support her family.

How The Campaign Works

Step 1 - Schools apply to fundraise for FREE reusable face masks

The school or any member of the public can nominate a school on our Big Give website. No criteria is needed to apply for the fundraiser. The school will only need to give us their details and the no. of masks they require.

Step 2 - 100% Project fundraises for the school

The schools that have applied for these free reusable face mask will be listed on 100% Project platform. 100% Project will rally the public - individuals, corporates and small businesses - to raise funds for our schools. The minimum donation to sponsor 1 reusable face mask is RM10.

Step 3 - 100% Project delivers reusable face masks to the school

Upon achieving the target amount, 100% Project will deliver free reusable face masks to the school with our partners.

Attention: Calling all School Principals and Teachers

We are inviting all school principals and teachers to nominate their school to receive our free reusable cloth face masks. There is no criteria. Just fill in the details of your school and the no. of reusable cloth face mask you'll require in this Google Form.

We are looking to work with all Ministry of Education departments - JPNs and PPDs to ensure all SOPs and approvals are complied with in order for schools to be the beneficiaries of this initiative. We respect all your hard work and we strive to support you in providing all our schools with the resources they need in this challenging time. Please reach out to us at he[email protected] if you have any questions or requests.

Yours sincerely,

100% Project Team