This campaign is in aid of HLC (Hope Learning Center), a refugee school for 75 kids aged between 4-13 from Myanmar and Pakistan.

I recently found out about this space when dropping by to donate second hand stationary and clothes. Upon visited this space, I found out that they needed help with painting the walls. From July 26th till Aug 3rd, we spent 6 days to paint the school and it's finally completed! We are currently raising extra funds to help them get a water filter system for the kids.


We are looking to raise a total of RM 1150 of funds to get a water filter system for the school. All your support goes towards providing a better space for the 75 kids in Hope Learning Center, Jalan Shamelin Perkasa, Ampang.

The school is looking to get a Water Filter Purifier similar to image below.

My only intention through this tiny project is to help create a brighter space for the kids so they feel excited to reconnect with one another again after a long break due to the recent lock-down as well as to encourage more motivation in going back to school again - we're adding more sunshine to these kids school days! A water filter system will be beneficial in helping the kids get access to clean water in school!