"Every Child Deserves an Education"

I’ve been running PichaEats for 4.5 years now - which is a F&B business partnering with 10-15 Refugee Chefs in KL. However, education still remains in my heart where I believe that every child should have an education and go to school.

Why should a 12 year old drop out of school and work instead?

This Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted many lives, including some of the Refugee Parents, they haven’t been able to pay off the school fees for 4-5 months and that is leading to kids dropping out of school.

And what do the kids do when they don't go to school?

My aim is always this - A child is supposed to be in school. That's it. I know of a Refugee Mom who has an education, but has been a refugee her whole life. So what? She still continues to impact others who need her help - whether is in Translation, Knowledge sharing or Money.

This RM5000 that I’m raising is to pay off as many kids school fees (one child is RM 50 - 150 in average per month) and coming out with a micro-loan system with 0% interest rate, hoping to impact as many children as we can.



This micro-loan system is inspired by Muhammad Yunus (the Father of Social business & micro-financing). I will start from RM 5000 that will be used as a loan to pay school fees.


1. I’ll be setting up a WhatsApp Newsletter/ Broadcast for every donor to update on progress of each and every child.

2. There will be a black and white agreement between me and the parents.

3. Pay back term to the parents would be 10-20-% every month after 4-6 months.

4. The cash will continuing rolling and you will still be receiving updates.

5. If this doesn't workout (hopefully not!), I will update the donors as well :)