Most Most of us in CBN have fond memories of Brede Block, an iconic building in the CBN School complex. Brede Block is in danger caused by recent landslide on the adjacent slope to the block.

The "Save Brede, Save CBN" campaign is spearheaded by the CBN Alumni, to raise funds to undertake the repair to the slope next to the Brede Block, which suffered a recent landslide. Due to the landslide, the structural integrity of Brede Block has been compromised which prompted the school to vacate all the classes in the Block, in the interest of the students.

CBN Alumni, here and abroad, is urged to help save Brede Block. If we save Brede Block, we save our beloved 120 years old school, with distinctive English Gothic architecture! Please donate generously for the Save Brede, Save CBN Campaign!


The "Save Brede, Save CBN" aims to raise RM150,000 for the following purposes:

(1) appoint the professionals to assess the landslide and Brede Block and advice on rectification works required; and

(2) appoint contractors to undertake the slope repair and reinforce and upgrade Brede Block to ensure it is structurally sound and safe for occupancy.