SMKJ..Sincerity, Manageable, Knowledgeable and Joy

Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM 16000

No. of students impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 670

No. of teachers impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 100

Name of school / Nama sekolah: SMK Jelutong

State / Negeri: Pulau Pinang

In view of the success and achievements of this school in Science and Innovation related competitions despite the lack of appropriate facilities, we need to make this school a platform whereby the students can further develop their talent and creativity.

Therefore, we need to take some bold initiatives to equip and enhance the school in line with the dynamic developments in IT and Technology. It is also relevant and necessary to upgrade a room in the school into a studio to cater for future demand in the field of education with regards to IT and Technology.

However, most of the students here are classified as socio-economically disadvantaged and realising a project such as this is challenging without any financial aid. The existing room doesn't allow hassle free set up for teachers and students to use the facility. The computers used are not apt for video editing works as the ram is only 4GB with outdated graphic card and it often requires rebooting, stalling recording sessions. The recording sessions are also often interrupted by the noises of the students or teachers conducting lessons in the next room therefore it needs to be installed with sound absorbing panels. The available free editing and recording software on the internet often leaves watermark in the production of the videos. We intend to create an interview corner where students can interview visitors of the school to improve their speaking skills as well as to boost their confidence hence we would need chairs to be placed in the corner and microphones installed for the purpose. Despite these shortcomings, the teachers and the students never fail to portray their interest and innovation in using the green screen technology in the studio.

We would also want to equip the room with an interactive board so that the teachers could improve students engagement in online learning by providing attractive graphics displays, improve lectures with audio-visual tools and better instructional materials to cater to all learning styles. It would be a huge motivation to induce interest in learning for students of SMK Jelutong who are mostly challenged by their poor social economic status to further improve their academic achievement.

We believe that by properly equipping the studio with required equipment to facilitate teaching and learning, our target to induce creativity and innovation among the teachers and the students in the school can be achieved. We therefore humbly request your kind contribution to help us make this project a success.


The budget outlined to upgrade the studio is as below:-