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SMK Chinta Mata Tenom is located in a small town known as Tenom. Our school is located in the rural area, which is10 km away from Tenom. The students consist of Bumiputera Sabah and most of their parents are farmers.

Recently, as of 18 March 2020, Malaysia officially implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) measure. On 25th March, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin through a live national telecast announced that the control order is extended till 14th April. On 10th April, the Prime Minister announced the further extension of the MCO by another 14 days till 28th April. His decision was to give space to the healthcare personnels battling the COVID-19 outbreak, apart from preventing the virus from spreading again and to avoid another increase of cases if the MCO is lifted too early.

Schools, meanwhile, are not expected to reopen anytime soon. "We may have to postpone the school session until we are fully convinced that things have recovered," he said.

During the MCO, we cannot go out but the learning progress must be go on. I am teaching Mathematics in 3 classes which are Form 1, Form 4 and Form 5. In Mathematics, having a scientific calculator is a MUST. However, I am having difficulties during MCO as I have to teach my students online. This is a first for us and we do not have a lot of experience conducting 100% of lessons online with all the students. Not all of them have internet although the coverage in their hometown is considered average. They don't have enough funds to purchase internet data to send me the work or to review my online teaching session. Their parents are farmers, and they have to sell their products to gain money. But during this MCO, sales are close to none.

The Scientific Calculators such as the Casio 570 or 350 were too expensive to purchase, so in class, I would lend them my calculators because I have 4 extras. They show great effort doing my subjects when they have the right tools. But during MCO, majority of my class have no access to a scientific calculator. I have already asked them to download the free Scientific Calculator App, but they say tell me they don't have enough data to download because most of them have the most basic internet plans. Very few of them have managed to send me their work. So far, ONLY 8 out of 28 students in one of my classes have sent me their work to be reviewed.

I would like to send my students additional internet data so that they can download the necessary tools to keep up with our online learning.

Below, are some of my students efforts during MCO ONLINE learning.

Classroom teaching before MCO.


I will purchase and send additional credit for my students to upgrade their internet data so that they can download the Scientific Calculator App to use for our online classes





Internet Data (prepaid)


50 pax