Our school are selected among Top 40 in Malaysia for the project Design For Change Malaysia. We have to continue campaign and promote this to other schools, parents and community. In November, our aim is to represent Malaysia bringing this topic around the world. We want to attend The Global Summit in Rome,Italy on November. So starting from now we have to raise fun to help us promoting and achieve our objectives. We want people to know that cybersafe issues are very important. They must be careful when online. There are many cyber threats issues such as children kidnapping, online game, scammer, cyber bully, cyber stalking, pishing, pornography, luxuring children in sexual act, love scam and etc. So parens, children,teenagers and all the people must be aware on cybersafe issues and how to stay safe online.

We promote cybersafe campaign awareness through social media, Kedah FM, RTM, newspaper, giving flyers in supermarket, night market, KTM station, in the LRT and cooperate with PDRM.


Flyers, banner and card-RM1000


T-shirt and badge for campaign to other schools and community-RM2000

Road to Italy-RM15000