In SMK Taman Selayang, we wanted our students to learn more by doing. We wanted them to be creative thinkers, the one who design products that solve problems rather than just users. In order to develop this ability, each student is required to complete at least 11 design projects throughout their high school year (as part of the RBT syllabus). Unfortunately.. our students are struggling to complete their design projects. All of our students (100%) struggled to submit their design projects, and less than 10% of the projects submitted are of good quality (TP5 and above)*. Lack of supporting facility and incompetent teachers are some on the root causes of this problem.. We don't want this to persist.

Picture: Students working on a water irrigation project. They wanted to create a system that allows the watering of multiple plants to be done simultaneously.

Picture: Students working on an Arduino micro-controller project. This project require them to critically arrange electronic components and code them to light up only when a certain weight is detected.

Picture: Root cause analysis of the problem


We are planning to revamp our outdated KHB workshops so we can support the student learning better. The students will have more access to latest technologies and will be able to practice their making skills better. The transformation of all 6 bengkel(s) will be executed in 3 phrases - Transform A, B and C.