School: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bugaya, Semporna, Sabah.

Project: Zero Crime Project

Project Purpose: To transform an old toilet building into a 3-room building called as Zero Crime House which will be a platform for the students to develop various surviving skills (entrepreneurial, arts, culinary, leadership as well as communication skills).

Targeted students: 155 targeted students with challenging background.

Age range: 13 to 17 years old.

Amount of fund needed: RM 9,975.00

SMK Bugaya shows an increase in the rate of dropped out students whereby in 2016 (15 students), 2017 (21 students) and 2018 (26 students).

Root causes:
Through the data obtained from our research, most of the dropped out students have a family income ranging from RM 250 - RM 1,600 and often have large families, ranging from 4-13 siblings. The family income is not sufficient to support the family. Hence, basic necessities such as education outfit and others are scarce.

One of the stories in school: https://www.teachformalaysia.org/blog/2019/06/to-w...

How can we solve this?
Zero Crime Project tackles this problem by overcome the root causes where it provides a platform for the targeted students to develop various skills by working in Zero Crime House.

Zero Crime Project targets the targeted students to help them discover their self-worth and develop to be a more rounded person with positive behaviours. Targeted students will be given the opportunity to run their projects in terms of developing their own products and sell it to generate income for themselves so that they afford to get their basic necessities while gaining various skills. With the responsibility and chances given to the targeted students, they will see their lives in another ways and learn to develop various skills which subsequently reduce the rate of dropped out students in school.

With support from the school management, we managed to get an old toilet building which will be transformed into 3 rooms that called as Zero Crime House:
a) arts room;
b) culinary room/kitchen; and
c) salon.

Below is the plan of our Zero Crime House:

Below is the project site. Previously, this building was a toilet building.

How can you contribute?

The total project cost is approximately RM9,975.00 which includes purchasing equipment and constructing building materials (you may refer to budget breakdown).

As small as RM10 fund to this project will help us transform the building for the kids. Your generosity and contribution are greatly appreciated.

Progress update:


In order to transforming the old toilet into Zero Crime House, our team will need approximately RM9,975.