Sometimes in life, we tend to take the basic necessities we are given for granted. A roof over our heads. Food on the table. But, most importantly, access to great books. In this day and age, parents spend less and less time with their kids and more and more time with their phones, better known as the free babysitters. We are hoping to change that step by step through investing in the school library. To help instill a love of reading in students.

All the worksheets in the world won't make a student get "A's" but one thing that will is if you work to improve the literacy level of students. Jim Trelease of the Reading Aloud handbook notes that there are two factors which impact the level of illiteracy or love of reading in children: an ideal environment to read, and lack of access to books. Through this project, it is my hope that we can cater to both of these needs. We can create an ideal environment by making the library feel more of an open space and a community with increased seating areas for students, a projector with blank screen, book stands to display books, bulletin boards, more shelving, book boxes, class set of mini whiteboards, cutters, pocket charts, clipboards and so much more.

In terms of books, we would use this fund to do one of several things. First, we would use it to purchase books for teachers to use professionally. The success of every school depends on the quality of the teachers. When teachers get access to professional books, they too will get better at their craft. And when students see their teachers read, the teachers end up being role models for the students. The next step would be to then increase the range of books that students would have access to! Although many people I am sure learn to read through the "Peter and Jane" series, students need more.

They need some picture books from well known authors, they need class sets of short chapter books to study, they need more non-fiction books to help them learn about the world. Books. Books. Books are the key. Books will help them grow. Books will take them to faraway lands. Books will help them soar.


Funds used to help give children and staff Access to Books***

1.Books for teachers

-Professional Development

RM 2,000

2.Picture books for Kids



RM 5,000

*** I would also like the donors to know that in terms of the books we are seeking, when possible, most of them will be brought in from second hand online stores to help with keeping costs down, and to help promote literacy worldwide. This website will be where a large majority of the books will be sourced from: https://www.betterworldbooks.com/

Funds used to help create the ideal Environment

1. Furniture

- Benches, seating area (3 – 4)

RM 3,000

- Projector and screen (depending on funds available)


RM 6,000

- Beanbags, cushions, other furniture (if extra funds available)

2. Manpower/misc.


3. Book stands, book boxes, mini whiteboards, clipboards, stationary, art supplies




RM 12,000