“A career exploration and leadership initiative to expose students to various career pathways by equipping students with leadership and soft skills”

SMK Datuk Haji Panglima Jakarullah (SMK DHPJ) is located in the East Coast of Sabah, at Semporna. This school consists of 1500 students. Majority of our students are Bajau, Suluk and Bugis. 80% of these students live in fisherman villages and islands.

A large number of these students either come from broken families or have parents working outside of Semporna as factory workers, lorry drivers and such. Those who come from broken families are often raised by a single parent, grandparents, or close relatives. Their family members usually work as labourers, fishermen, self-employed food or bundle clothes stall operators, drivers, and farmers. Family relationships are also complicated due to half siblings and cousins sharing the same house with these students.

Given the demographics of our students, it is not surprising that they are unaware of career options beyond what is familiar to them. There are many factors hindering these students from having the motivation to pursue different careers. Some of the factors include an absence of role models in their lives and lack of resources such as television and mobile phones to expose them to uncommon careers outside of Semporna. They are unaware of other possible careers that they can pursue and are ultimately unsure of how to achieve their ambitions.

Why Project ID?

“Project ID is the solution to enable Semporna’s students to be motivated to learn, to dare to dream and to feel empowered to change their lives trajectory.”

Last year, we were first year teachers in SMK DHPJ. When we first stepped into the school, we wondered a lot about our students’ background. As most of our students are from low to middle socioeconomic backgrounds, most of their parents are either fishermen, factory workers, housewives, stall operators, and kereta sapu drivers. After getting to know them better throughout the year, we realised that the students’ ambition are very common such as police and military officers, drivers, boatmen, firefighters, doctors, and teachers. The sad thing is that they do not have the resources to research on various careers that they’ve never heard of but exist.

Our students’ lack of awareness of other possible careers is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. As mentioned in this proposal, 90% of the students come from a household with a total income of less than RM3000 and this amount is definitely not enough to support an entire household. This state of poverty hinders students from succeeding.

Students need to feel motivated, to have clear goals, and well defined academic and career pathways to focus on. They need to be exposed to the bigger world outside of Semporna and have the dreams to become successful individuals. They need to believe that they too can succeed like everyone else because they have the potential to. Without this belief, our students can never break out of the poverty trap and bring positive change to their families and communities.

Therefore, we wish to introduce our students to Project ID. We want these students to be exposed to and to explore various career pathways to achieve their desired ambitions. Also, we want to build leadership skills in them so that they can empower their peers to discover their career pathways together. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. If one student can articulate clearly his/her education option and career pathway, he/she will be motivated to learn and to succeed. With Project ID, we believe it can create a ripple effect for students who wish to break out of their comfort zones, identify their passions, and work towards achieving it.

Objectives of project:

  1. To expose students to different career pathways.
  2. To enable students to envision their future career and articulate how to achieve it.
  3. To enable students to present their Project ID journey confidently to their friends.

Our current progress and next plan:

Recruitment & Selection: A total of 36 students have been recruited successfully.

Phase 1: Launch Camp - We have successfully launced the camp on 26-28 July 2019 at Balung River Eco Resort (Tawau, Sabah). This camp has exposed our students to Project ID core values: Zest, Grit and Collaboration. We believe that these values are essential to shape them into strong leaders in their community.

Phase 2: Uni/Career Visit - OUR NEXT PLAN! After the camp, there will be a university/career visit in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We are in the midst of liaising with University Malaysia Sabah (KK campus) and/or private stakeholders to host, arrange for visit and also for potentials sponsorship for this trip.

Phase 3: Open Day - Finally students will present their Project ID journey confidently to their friends in school during Open Day.


Our Ask!

We have raised enough to fund for our camp through different donors. THANK YOU for your kind contributions!

NEXT UP!!! We need approximately RM8000 for Uni/Career Visit and RM4000 for Open Day.

Any enquires, kindly reach out to Cikgu Sheryl @ 014-6883042 or Cikgu Fiona @ 014-8766847.

Your fundraising helps, even from the smallest amount. Every contributions will bring our students one step closer in achieving their dream.