Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM7600.00

No. of students impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 32 Form One Students

Name of school / Nama sekolah: SMK Bukit Tinggi, Klang

State / Negeri: Selangor


“When I was in my first year teaching at my school, I see a lot of potential in my students. They are responsible, dedicated and hardworking. However, they seem to have lack of directions on what they want to pursue in the future - this is especially true for the students who came from challenging family backgrounds"

Students in my school mostly are always on task when they are given work. They have the right attitude in class, but sadly not enough opportunity to be exposed to the life outside of classroom hence making them feel disconnected on their goals and their ambitions in the future.

Seeing this as a problem in this school community, I wish to introduce Project ID to my students. I want these students to be exposed to and to explore various career pathways to achieve their desired ambitions. I also want them to build leadership skills so that they can empower their peers to discover their career pathways together. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. If one student can articulate clearly his/her education options and career pathway, he/she will be more motivated to learn and to succeed. With Project ID, I believe it can create a ripple effect for students who wish to break out of their comfort zones, identify their passions, and work towards achieving it.

Students who are chosen for Project ID are carefully selected to make sure that they get the most out of the programmes. Students who show enthusiasm towards the program, have basic mastery of English, and students who show initiatives to improve themselves are chosen.

There are also students that are recruited that came from challenging background with household income less than RM3000. This made Project ID even more important as students who came from challenging backgrounds require more support to be as successful as their affluent peers.

Structure of Project ID

Project ID is a youth empowerment initiative to expose students to various career pathways by equipping students with leadership and soft skills.

There will be 3 main activities that will occur during the programme for this year:

1. Launching camp – (2nd, 3rd and 4th of August)

  • This camp aims to expose students to Project ID core values: Zest, Grit and Collaboration. We believe that these values are essential to shape them into strong leaders in their community.

2. University Visit (University Malaya) – Guest Speakers Session

  • Students explore their interests and future options as they get a glimpse of life in university
  • Guest speakers are also invited from different career backgrounds -- doctors, lawyers, engineers, tv personalities.

3. Open Day

  • Students are given the opportunity to develop project management and leadership skills by organizing their own open day where they will present the impacts and growth throughout the journey of Project ID.

To ensure learnings are taking place, reflection is a major part in every component of the activities. Students need to write reflections and are given modules to track their growth.

By the end of the year, our hope is for participants to feel motivated, to have clear goals, and well-defined academic and career pathways to focus on.

We want them to know that the sky's the limit and there is a whole new world out there. But for them to achieve their dreams out there, first, they need to have a clear direction and goals.

I strongly believe that this is a unique opportunity for our students but I will need your help in ensuring that it will be free for them to afford to join this program.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated!

Sometimes, what a kid needs is just an opportunity -- an opportunity to learn and to be exposed to positive experiences. I hope that you would help me to provide this opportunity to these future leaders of Malaysia!

Yours sincerely,

Cikgu Zainab


Budget for Project ID -- Launching Camp

We also did our own fundraising by selling food and drinks in our school :-

However, this only helps with the small portion of our budget hence why we resort to crowdfunding.

Every single ringgit counts for us!

Thank you for helping us!