Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM 4,200

No. of students impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 18 students

Name of schools / Nama-nama sekolah:

  • SMK Tagasan, Semporna
  • SMK Datuk Panglima Abdullah, Semporna
  • SMK Datuk Haji Panglima Jakarullah, Semporna

State / Negeri: Sabah

Students of 3 schools in Semporna endeavor to learn Arduino and went through 2 months workshop and training by school teachers. They showed enthusiasm to learn coding and programming and worked relentlessly for nights.

They really wish to participate in Young Innovators Challenge 2018 Kota Kinabalu on the 18th of August as it might be the only chance to show their innovative projects. However, there is a financial constraint.

Over 18 students (6 teams) have completed their innovative projects and are ready to do pitching for the competition. They are very excited to show their projects such as Thief System, Snake Repellent and so on. However, they feel low motivation to participate in this programme due to lack of funds. As a teacher, I feel like I should do my best endeavour so that all the students can exhibit their amazing and awesome inventions.

Majority of participants are from secondary Form 2 and Form 4 students. They come from poor and average families, where their parents didn’t get the education in the tertiary level. They hope that they can be the changemaker for changing their life status by having education.

Few students told me that: “Sir, we have never seen the other places besides Semporna”. This is a great opportunity for them to gain experience. They never witness the big city in Kota Kinabalu and have a perception of shouldn’t dream big since they are from sub-urban area.

I wish that by having students participating in innovative competition, the perception that sub-urban kids can never compete/stand together with the urban children can be broken. In addition, we want to exhibit that students live in oil palm estate with limited facilities can also pitch in English language as it will be rare that students here have an opportunity to speak in English.

Kota Kinabalu is situated about 531km from our schools in Semporna. We would have to spend 2 nights there in order to join this programme.

We have just less three weeks until the programme and we need to raise enough funds for the accommodation cost, the transport cost and the cost of the students' food and drink. Help us!