Funds required: RM100,000

No. of students impacted: 2,000 students over the next 10 years and more for years to come!

Name of school: Penang Chinese Girls' High School

State: Penang


这些日子以来,通过大家共同的努力与响应于30周年庆这项活动, 很开心有七成的同学更新了联系方式延续情谊; 其中268位同学报名参与九月一号的大聚会!即便阔别三十载,即便远隔万水千山, 同学们依旧心心相惜, 对母校槟华的那颗心、那份情依旧不变, 可喜可賀!

2018迎来了1988畢业生第一个三十载。祈望2018更是1988畢业生共同献出爱心、积极联手回馈母校,慷慨响应母校筹募扩建基金的时刻, 为教育殿堂印下1988的足迹!

感恩前人种树,创立並扩建母校,为我们种下学习的树苗。教室对学生而言是进修知识的学习处, 也是人生道路的加油站, 因此建立一个安乐的学习坏境,是值得我们去提倡的善举。

在大家迎来第一个三十载的同时,时刻的传递 "十年树木,百年树人”的精神,以感恩之心,为母校尽一份绵力、弘扬华教、发扬母校精神!

在此诚恳呼吁所有同学能夠慷慨捐献,让我们一起与1987学姐们联手为母校建立一教室, 为学妹们提供一砖一瓦、造福下一代。



The fund raised will be used to support the building cost of one classroom for Penang Chinese Girls High School (PCGHS) which is estimated to cost RM250,000.

This fundraising project is part of the larger fundraising initiative by PCGHS to address the issue of insufficient learning space for students.

To continue serving the community through educational excellence, the Board of Governors of PCGHS started planning for the construction of a new building in 2013.

The proposed nine-storey building will have 22 classrooms, 3 science laboratories, 2 lecture halls and a student activity center. It will cost RM12 million in total to build. The ground breaking ceremony was held in October 2017 after obtaining the necessary approval from the relevant authorities. Construction of the building is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Numerous fund raising activities have been conducted and approved by the school Board of Governance. To date, more than RM8 milliion has been successfully raised.

The RM250,000 comprises RM100,000 by the Class of 1988 and RM150,000 by the Class of 1987 which will contribute towards the building cost of one of the 22 classrooms in the 9-storey building.

Our class of 1988 targets to raise a minimum of RM100,000.

Please give generously as what our predecessors have done for you about 100 years ago!

“We give because we have received so freely!”

For more information about this fundraising initiative, please contact [email protected]

PCGHS 槟华女中1988畢業生筹款项目小组