Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM 3317.18

No. of students impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 67

Name of school / Nama sekolah: SK Sungai Melut (A)

State / Negeri: Selangor

The aim of my project is to increase the reading materials we need at SK Sungai Melut’s library.

Currently, our school library has a very limited number of books for the students. With the increase of price in books and limited school funds for reading materials, we are unable to equip the library with the necessary amount and type of books that are up-to-date with today's way of learning and are suitable for our students from different age, and class groups.

The students at SK Sungai Melut (A) are from the Temuan Orang Asli tribe. Their parents are not highly educated and most of them cannot read, hence to be able to grasp reading skills, these students have to go to school. The students do not read at home as well, as they help their parents around the house or go out for activities, such as fishing.

With a library equipped with an abundant on quality and engaging reading materials, this will help foster the reading culture and love of knowledge around the students. Furthermore, this project will expose the students to explore a wider field of knowledge. I believe with the passion and knowledge in reading, the Orang Asli students will have endless possibilities for their success in the future.

To instill a better reading culture with the students and community, we have created a programme called "Program Guru Muda" that is held every morning in school. In this programme, teachers provide reading materials and lend them to their students. Students who are well read will guide their fellow peers who need a helping hand in reading better. These borrowed books and reading time are also recorded in the student’s NILAM books. By the end of the programme, teachers and students will receive prizes for their dedication and persistence in honing their reading skills and helping one another.

Through this project, I hope the students of SK Sungai Melot (A) lead a good example to create a community of well-read and passionate readers.

People who like to read usually succeed in life, and I believe that reading can not only help the Orang Asli students become literate, but also expand their knowledge with what the world has to offer. I know that knowledge can change the lives of these students, their community and their future generation. With the help of the public, I hope to raise enough funds to obtain the necessary books for the children of SK Sungai Melut (A).


Cikgu Zaharah.