Funds required: RM500

No. of students impacted: 10

Name of school: SMK Dato’ Lela Pahlawan

State: Kedah


Most of my students come from low income families and they lack the opportunities and access that we take for granted growing up.

A total of 100 students from my school will be visiting Putrajaya Seri Perdana, KLIA, Muzium Duit, KLCC Skybridge, Planetarium, Dataran Merdeka and Media Prima as a year end trip. The school believe this is important as both a reward for their hard work throughout the year as well as a life-changing educational experience.

However, not all of my students can afford to go on this trip. In order to provide an equal opportunity for my students from lower income families, I allocated 10 free slots that they can apply for. I have received application from my students of higher performing, middle and lowest performing classes. 10 students were selected based on their academic growth in Mathematics and active involvement in school activities.

I believe that these 10 students have the potential to succeed if they are aware of what the world has to offer.

The goal of this field trip is for these students to reflect on their experience in their journals and post-trip group discussions and presentations. The aim is for them to be independent learners and to expose them to tertiary education opportunities to motivate them to break away from their poverty cycle as well as become patriotic Malaysians.

These 10 students are incredibly excited to have this opportunity and I'd hate to disappoint them. I am currently short of RM500 to bring these 10 students on this trip of a lifetime. This RM500 will cover their transportation cost for the field trip.

Please help make this trip come true for my students!


Cikgu Nabihah


I'm currently in urgent need of RM500 for transportation cost.

Transportation for 10 students @ RM50 per student = RM500