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Giving learning opportunity to kids with Autism and ensure clarity in communication for the children who cannot do it themselves.

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Giving learning opportunity to kids with Autism and ensure clarity in communication for the children who cannot do it themselves.


Invest in Technology. We are raising fund to develop an app for seamless communication medium between parents and school teachers specifically made for Autism-related scoring system and report. The collective data stored can be analyzed and benefit in decision making for future Autism programmes.


Kurnia, or ‘gift’ in English, provides a supportive environment for children with autism to receive early intervention from a credible team of therapists and teachers. On average, Kurnia gets close to one hundred admissions at one go. Despite this, a long waiting list of children waiting to finally get a spot trails behind.


Autism is a developmental disorder that is characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restrictive or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior.

While teaching the children is the primary goal, it shares the limelight with another goal that Kurnia has aimed since the start of its operation – to teach parents how to do it at home to ensure continuous intervention for the children. It has been observed that on-going attention to the same objectives at school and at home helps increase the success rate of achieving the objectives set.


A bridge to engage the parents and the teachers at the tip of their fingers, the Communication Book App promises:

  • instant reports
  • ensures professionalism for everyone – direct personal messages no longer required
  • back-office admin system for teachers
  • provides chart analytics for children’s progresses
  • and most importantly, fast and adaptable

Parents of any autistic child may recognize the feeling: You drop her off at school and wait anxiously to pick her up. When you see her again, all she wanted to do was to go home and be buried under the blanket on her bed. Was she happy in school? She cannot tell you. And that’s when you realize the key to uncovering the meaning behind your child’s behavior is by communicating with her teacher.

Parent-teacher communication should be constant and detailed. But when the teacher has to handle more than two children on the spectrum, reporting every child’s behavior could be confusing and a burden.


By investing in our cause, you help provide the gift of clarity in communication for the parents and teachers at Kurnia. At the end of the day, the people who will benefit the most will be the children at our center and their families.

Moreover, the fund that you help raise will also go to creating opportunities for the children to flourish outside of Kurnia promoting inclusivity in the real world.

Well-informed parents contribute to an empowered autism community which in turn will create a strong support for all autistic individuals.

Help us build that bridge and we will do the rest.


Our App is currently being tried and tested since January 2020. Although its currently "bare-bones" it does provide a basic communication tool that drastically helps both teachers and parents. The development and clinical impact is generally favourable (but it needs more users and funding to have a direct clinical impact), but as it is, the Social Impact of the App has saved Days worth of contact hours of therapy in just a few short months

We're using the RM 25,000 for:

A complete SaaS platform development for mobile apps, backend API, server, storage and database

once that is done, we hope to further venture to:

- Emergency report to Parent

- Teacher sharing BBM or guide for therapy at home (Crucial for sick leaves and outbreaks)

- Report module for Consolidate view for Management level (we've also proposed to set up a national centre of excellence)

- Big data analytics

- Implement predictive AI on the big data for better future decision making

Currently, there's no medically proven treatment for Autism, but we hope to significantly improve the lives of countless disabled children and their families with your help. With this App and integration into studies, we hope to further lessen the burden of parents, teachers and interventionists

Autism is not a Tragedy, Ignorance Is

out of RM25,000 raised
seconds to go
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2020-04-21 - 2020-06-20 (60 days)