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30 students from Sarawak with a passion for science need funding for a trip to educational sites.

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30 students from Sarawak with a passion for science need funding for a trip to educational sites.

Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM 5,490

No. of students impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 30 students (from form 4)

Name of school / Nama sekolah: SMK Simanggang, Sri Aman

State / Negeri: Sarawak

SMK Simanggang is located in the town of Sri Aman, Sarawak and is categorized as a rural school with approximately 1,300 students. The main activity here is agriculture and business. Sites related to science and technology are very limited here.

Therefore, a plan has been made and has been approved by the principal to bring 30 students to KL and Malacca to participate in study tours based on science, technology and history.

We’ve added historical site visits mainly because in our view, we feel the opportunity to immerse ourselves in those experiences to enhance the students appreciation of our national history when we are already there should not be missed. It is the responsibility of all Malaysian citizens to possess this knowledge which can only be attained to a certain level through textbooks.

A similar trip was conducted with 24 students in 2016 (all images are from that trip).

The students involved in this visit will comprise of form 4 science students. Their parents either have small businesses or work as government employees and are willing to bear the bulk of the expenses for this visit.

The students in question have a high spirit to learn more about science. Some of them will participate in the ASMO contest, SASMO contest, Kangaroo Math contest, National Chemistry Quiz contest, Young Inventors and scientific conceptual contests.

It is the great hope of the school and its teachers to expose students to the world of science and technology that is more extensive than what is learned in the school.

Students will appreciate what they have read and seen in books and will be more able to relate with the classroom syllabus.

However, there are constraints in carrying out this trip. One is the price of plane tickets. It requires a huge amount of the funds contributed by parents. In addition to the parents’ contribution, we will also approach the Parent Teacher Association (Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru), the Persatuan Alumni of SMK Simanggang, Yayasan Sarawak, Koperasi SMK Simanggang and Kokurikulum to request funds for this project.

Tentatively, the trip will take place during the August school break to ensure zero disruption to classroom time and will look like this:

18th August 2018: Depart from school to Kuching International Airport. Upon arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, we head straight to Malacca where we will be spending one night.

19th August: Explore and visit town of Malacca. Visit submarine museum at Pantai Klebang. In the evening, we will head to Kuala Lumpur where we will spend another 4 nights.

20th August: Trip to KLCC and Petrosains.

21st August: Trip to Planetarium and National Museum.

22nd August: Trip to National Science Center and KL Tower.

23rd August: Journey back to Sri Aman, Sarawak.


There will be four teachers involved with the visit. Myself as the program coordinator, Mr. Wee Soon Kian, Ms. Nurul Jannah binti Abdullah and Pn. Tay Gek Hwang. Ms. Nurul Jannah and Pn. Tay Gek Hwang will take care of the welfare of female students while Mr. Soon Kian and I will do the same for the male students. As the plan stands, we plan to stay at Wisma Belia, Kuala Lumpur. To further ensure the safety of students, parents must fill out a declaration form to account for their children's health problems (if any) to better enable us to cater to their needs.

During the visit, each student will be insured. We will also only engage with licensed transportation throughout the trip. Students will be distributed into 4 groups, each monitored by a teacher. Each morning and evening, short briefings will be given to students to ensure that every student is in good health and to remind them on the safety aspects of the trip.

For the more long term impacts of the trip, I see it as providing a platform for the students to adapt and adopt future learning through outdoor learning approach where less emphasis on classroom instruction and more personal responsibility of their learning can be instilled.


To further embed the lessons from the trip, upon returning, students will be divided into 6 groups (5 members per group) and each group will be expected to produce a scrapbook which contains the following:

  1. Background of places visited.
  2. Exploration of potential future careers and the development paths these entail.
  3. Pictures.

Although this activity costs a lot, I believe it is worth it. Each student will get a more practical and more intimate look at not only the world of science and technology but also the wider country we all proudly call ourselves citizens of. It promises to be an experience they will never forget.

Yours sincerely,

Cikgu Ambrose


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