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Help protect our schools by sponsoring face masks to our students and teachers

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Help protect our schools by sponsoring face masks to our students and teachers

The BIG GIVE is a fundraising campaign started by 100% Project in 2016 to provide teachers with school essentials at the start of the school year.

This year we are reactivating BIG GIVE to provide FREE Reusable Face Masks to ALL schools in Malaysia.

Why are we leading this initiative?

Due to COVID-19, all schools in Malaysia were abruptly closed and students have been made to learn from home since Malaysia imposed the MCO on 18 March 2020.

Months have passed and students and teachers have been struggling with effectively learning from home. Therefore, the Ministry of Education has announced that schools begin reopening in stages on 24 June 2020. However, our battle against COVID-19 is not yet over until we find a vaccine.

  • The reopening of certain classes in schools during this first phase involves some 500,000 students at 2,440 schools
  • Overall, there are nearly 5 million students enrolled in MOE primary and secondary schools in Malaysia- click on this link to view stats - Quick facts 2019_Malaysia Educational Statistics

We want to ensure the safety of our schools during the reopening - that means providing our students, teachers and school administrators with reusable cloth face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

About This Fundraiser

We have partnered with Mangosteen, a social enterprise that is working with a community of mothers to make reusable cloth face masks. Each face mask costs RM20, so for every RM10 raised on 100% Project, Mangosteen will match the donation to provide a mask to a student or teacher.

When you donate to this initiative, you are not only sponsoring one (1) free reusable cloth face mask to a school, you are also indirectly securing the livelihoods of a community of mothers who are sewing these face masks to support their families.

Every single ringgit will be spent on securing the safety and the livelihoods of those most impacted by this global health pandemic through two key components:

  • Ensure that ALL schools (teachers, school administrators, students) get a FREE reusable cloth face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Ensure mothers who are in need of a job to support their families get a steady flow of income, are paid a fair wage and are provided the resources, training and opportunity to become skilled artisans

About SMK Tunku Ampuan Durah

1. SMK Tunku Ampuan Durah is more known as STAD.

2. STAD has approximately 1300 students from Form 1 to Form 6.

3. Most of the students live around Taman Sikamat, Taman Megaway, Taman Desa Rhu and Taman Angsana, which come from low-income families RM1500 – 2500.

4. We provide dormitories for students who live far away, whose families are unable to return to school every day.

5. We are an academic training center for football soccer and takraw, that tries to produce champions homeland.

6. In addition, STAD also has a "Program Pendidikan Khas Integrasi" specifically for students with hearing problems.

7. Our students are always striving to achieve excellence in academics and curriculum

Teachers conducts an Covid-19 prevention simulation to prepare students to return to school

Form 6 students paint murals as a appreciation to the school

Foods aid provided to poor families during MCO

Attention: Calling all School Principals and Teachers

We are inviting all school principals and teachers to nominate their school to receive our free reusable cloth face masks. There is no criteria. Just fill in the details of your school and the no. of reusable cloth face mask you'll require in this Google Form.

We are looking to work with all Ministry of Education departments - JPNs and PPDs to ensure all SOPs and approvals are complied with in order for schools to be the beneficiaries of this initiative. We respect all your hard work and we strive to support you in providing all our schools with the resources they need in this challenging time. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or requests.

Yours sincerely,

100% Project Team


out of RM14,420 raised
seconds to go
This campaign was successful and was funded in 2021-10-31
Join Malaysia's BIGGEST giving campaign aimed at helping teachers and students start their school year with a dose of inspiration!
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Campaign period
2020-07-15 - 2021-10-31 (60 days)