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Fast-progressing primary school students need a more conducive environment rich with materials for interesting and impactful learning.

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out of RM4,025 raised
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Fast-progressing primary school students need a more conducive environment rich with materials for interesting and impactful learning.

Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM 4,025

No. of students impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 16

Name of school / Nama sekolah: SK Jengka Batu 13

State / Negeri: Pahang

I am a teacher from SK Jengka Batu 13. This school is located in a rural area in Chenor, Pahang. There are altogether 106 students in the school and I have been given the responsibility to handle the 16 students in Year 6.

My students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds whose parents are either farmers, rubber-tappers or vendors. Moreover, there are also aboriginals amongst them. Parents are supportive in terms of money for us to run programmes such as the "Program Kecermelangan UPSR", but it is still a burden for them to support additional projects financially.

Currently, I am teaching the subject of English and most of the activities I carry out in class are group activities. A favourite activity amongst the students involve presenting topics they have learned using various types of media. Some students would present using mahjong paper, some with scrapbooks and others with powerpoint slides. They enjoy creating slides and then presenting because they feel they have learned so much about presentations when creating slides on the computer. They also enjoy researching and looking for pictures to print out and show their friends to supplement their presentations.

Unfortunately, my classroom is not equipped with an LCD projector, printer, speakers or other ICT facilities needed for 21st century learning. In addition, the school's computer lab is not sufficient for an entire class of student to use regularly. Because of this, I bring my own personal LCD projector and printer to use in the school.

I am not the only teacher who faces this problem. Imagine the difficulties teachers face when the school owns zero projectors. Some other teachers even bring their own television sets as an alternative for LCD projectors.

Besides that, the classroom environment is not encouraging. The class is bare with little to no stimulation and without proper ICT facilities for them to have easy access to, students have little confidence in carrying out tasks related to ICT.

Because of this, I have begun the process of a makeover to transform the classroom into a more conducive, ICT equipped learning environment. The process is carried out in two main phases, with Phase 1 being recently completed.

  • Repainting of classroom walls
  • Fixing broken windows and doors
  • Getting coverings for student tables
Phase 2
  • Installation of ICT facilities (LCD projector, printer)
  • Creating language corner and stocking up on books and learning aids
  • Purchasing of teaching aids such as mini whiteboards and stationary
  • Decorating the classroom to be more cheerful and full of visual aids
  • Purchasing of cupboards and shelves for storage

Before and after Phase 1

Over the course of 3 months, I have used my own personal funds as well as additional support from friends and family mounting up to RM 1,735 for the completion of Phase 1. However, Phase 2 was forced to be put on hold due to insufficient funds. Therefore, I am hoping to raise enough funds to begin the second and final phase of this project. By doing this project, I am hoping my classroom will be an example of 21st century learning in the school.


Cikgu Umi Zuriati


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out of RM4,025 raised
days to go
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