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Help us replace old desks and chairs for 20 classrooms in SK Assunta 1 and 2!

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Help us replace old desks and chairs for 20 classrooms in SK Assunta 1 and 2!


No. of classrooms unlocked: 20 out of 20


Funds required / Dana diperlukan: RM 8,000 per classroom (RM160,000 for 20 classrooms)

No. of students impacted / Bil. murid diimpak: 1,920

Name of school / Nama sekolah: SK Assunta 1 and 2

State / Negeri: Selangor


We need new desks and chairs for our girls!

In the suburbia of Petaling Jaya, lies the first all-girls primary school founded in 1955 by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Assunta Primary is now 59 years old and has over the years produced many strong influential women leaders across all fields and industries. Known for its high academic achievement and the strong moral values it instills in its students, Assunta is many parents' top choice school for their daughters

Many girls have passed through the corridors of Assunta, each making us proud through the many impactful works that they do and have done. Many would claim that they owe it all to their alma mater. For it was in Assunta that the seeds of knowledge, goodness, kindness and charity were first planted in these young minds.

As a mission school, Assunta is not fully Government funded, but is categorised as a "sekolah bantuan modal" or Government-aided school. This means that for maintenance, repairs, extensions and other needs including building projects the school has to find its own funds to help our children study in a more conducive environment. We are extremely blessed to have a strong Alumni and supportive parents who have played an active role in the Assunta Schools throughout the years.

This year, the Board of Managers and PIBG of SK Assunta 1 & 2, are focusing on providing better furniture, especially desks and chairs for our children in 20 classrooms.

Some members of Team Assunta (L-R: Pat Lu, Sister Jane, Ms Shanty, Peggy Liu)

An important part of a great education is the space it is conducted in. A conducive learning environment plays a crucial role in the level of engagements of students. Although there is much more we can do, we are focusing on improving the basics in the classroom, on things that our students use every day - their desks and chairs.

Currently, most of the furniture in the classrooms have not been replaced in more than 20 years and are in a sorry, dilapidated state. Most of the desks are rusty, missing desk panels and the plastic chairs are stained, dirty and broken due to years of wear and tear. We believe our students deserve better.

We are hoping to raise RM160,000 to replace the desks and chairs for 20 classrooms in the school.

Each set of desk and chair will cost RM200, making the cost to replace the furniture in one classroom RM8,000. For every donation of RM8,000, a classroom will be named after the generous donor.

We would be extremely grateful if you would make a contribution, however small, to this worthy project that will make a difference to 1,920 primary school pupils. Your kind contribution and generosity will go a long way in supporting our children not only to attain academic excellence but also, by your example, in molding them into responsible caring citizens for generations to come.

The sooner the donations come in, the faster the classrooms will have new furniture. Otherwise the desks and chairs will have to be replaced in stages.

Thank you for your kind consideration. We will keep you informed of our progress.

Together, we can do more for the next generation of students. God bless you for your support and caring concern.


The Board of Managers and PIBG of SK Assunta 1 and 2

Sister Jane Koh FMM (Chairperson, Board of Managers, SK Assunta 1),

Datin Veronica Arunan (Chairperson, Board of Managers, SK Assunta 2),

Mohd Zufri bin Kamarudin (Chairperson, PIBG SK Assunta 1),

Dr Kalijah Bt Awang (Chairperson, PIBG SK Assunta 2),

Puan Norhayati Bakri (Headmistress, SK Assunta 1),

Puan Doris Liew (Headmistess, SK Assunta 2).


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Happy contributing! It will mean a lot to the children! :)


  • Total funds required for 20 classroom : RM160,000
  • No. of students impacted : 1920
  • Per set of table and chair : RM200
  • Per classroom (40 sets) : RM8,000

out of RM160,000 raised
seconds to go
This campaign was successful and was funded in 2016-05-05
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Campaign period
2016-03-06 - 2016-05-05 (60 days)