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Help me raise RM20,000 to help our communities overcome the pandemic and I will shave my head!

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Help me raise RM20,000 to help our communities overcome the pandemic and I will shave my head!

Hi, I'm Tressie Yap. I am a practicing architect for 23 years. I have been organising advocacies & initiatives to minimize environmental pollution by upcycling waste materials & empowering many different underprivileged communities to use different skills to convert their daily household wastes and make beautiful and useful merchandisable goods to earn their livelihood.

During the last MCO, a number of self-organized groups & non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were initiated in Kota Kinabalu to get funds & resources to help the frontliners in the combat against the coronavirus pandemic, as the health system was not able to cope with the surge of infected cases, & there was limited supply of PPE in the local market. I was invited by some of these different groups to help in making different DIY PPE, e.g., face shields, hood covers & reusable fabric masks. I came to learn how important to equip ourselves with versatile skill when comes to crisis management.

Despite the last MCO experience, PPE supply doesn’t seem to have improved. Calls for volunteers to sew or DIY PPEs continue to come from personnel related to public hospitals. There is also limited supply of PPE materials or ready-made PPEs in the local market, as most of the local suppliers are dependent on supplies from KL, and logistics remains a huge problem during CMCO.

Similarly during this CMCO, many volunteers like myself are once again revving up the sewing machines & doing our part in helping frontliners prevent the spread of Covid-19. I’m extremely touched & amazed by how ordinary people are coming together for this effort with the spirit of saving lives.

The new Covid-19 cases in Sabah have been persistently high for more than a month since September 2020. It was partly due to the backlogs of test results.

On the other hand, I came to learn about many people losing their jobs & having starving families. So many of my friends are raising fund to feed the needy.

I was recently invited by Amelia Tan to come onboard the #BotakHeadChallenge - a challenge to pledge our collective heads to raise funds to help fight against the pandemic and to show solidarity to those who are struggling and in need. I am pledging to shave my head once I have raise RM25,000 These funds will be used to:

1. Establish a social enterprise to produce local made PPEs & to ensure sufficient supply locally.

- The funds will be used to buy sewing machines/tools and empower the jobless to take up sewing or any other relevant skills to make all sort of PPE merchandise.

- It will also be used to remunerate makers so that they will have a sustainable livelihood during the pandemic which may last another 2 years.

2. To educate Sabahans on home cultivation and sustainable farming so that they have self-sufficient food system and not have to rely on donations.

Most Sabahans live on landed properties or in kampungs. However, many still do not know how to plant. It makes sense therefore to:

- Teach home planting or sustainable farming;

- To supply seedlings of vegetables & fruits to the needy so that they have self-sufficient food system & do not need to depend on donations during CMO/ CMCO.

I will shave my head once, we reached RM 10,000 and once we hit RM20,000, my friend Daniel Cerventus Lim of TEDxKL and RumahKita will shave his head.

#Botak4Malaysia #Botak4Sabah #KitaJagaKita

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,


Note: If you would like to join the #BotakHeadChallenge you can go here to find out how to start your own fundraiser -

About Daniel Cerventus Lim

Daniel Cerventus Lim is one of the co-founder of RumahKita, a network to distribute PPEs to front-liners of Malaysia and he is also the founder of TEDxKL. More recently he been active in a group of 29 thousands entrepreneurs in Malaysia where he help co-founded.


Mission 1

Sewing machine RM1500 x 3 nos. = RM4500

Remuneration RM8 x 600 nos.PPE = RM4800

Remuneration RM5 x 800 nos. Fabric Facemask = RM4000

Material RM1700

Total: RM15,00

Mission 2

Seedlings of vegetables & fruits RM100

Beneficiaries 50 families

RM100 x 50 = RM5000

out of RM20,000 raised
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This campaign was successful and was funded in 2021-01-31
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2020-11-07 - 2021-01-31 (30 days)